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Travel used to have an excitement and a charm associated with it, but alas, those are distant memories.  Everyone has their horror stories about their travels, and mine are memorable.... to me.  But probably no more so than yours are to you. so I'll spare you.

For business, I'm always happy to go to London.  In the 80s and 90s, I did that a lot, and anything that you do often enough soon loses its mystique. But London's familiarity and relative proximity make it comfortable.

I, like so may others, used to have a love affair with San Francisco.  I knew the town so well that it truly felt like my home away from home.  Then I did a project there that had me 'commuting' from New York every week for about six months, and the love vanished.  I think New York solved its homeless crisis by shipping most of its homeless to San Francisco.

Though I have traveled extensively, it's vacation destinations that are the most fulfilling.  I'd love to tell you about them all, so here goes:

While they are spread out across the globe, they all have the 3 B's in common: Beach, Books, Beer

[My wife substitutes Bar for Beer, but the sentiment is just the same.

Enough said.